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Invisalign Teen™ in Oak Ridge, NC

Face it, teens are very concerned about their appearances. For teens who want straighter teeth, traditional metal braces are not a desirable option. Olmsted Orthodontics has a solution—Invisalign Teen in Oak Ridge, NC. The revolutionary teen Invisalign braces make playing sports, participating in physical activities, brushing, flossing, drinking, and eating comfortable.

How Teen Invisalign Braces Work

You know that Invisalign has a multitude of benefits, including straightening your teeth, and being invisible. The manufacturer has since created Invisalign Teen, a product that uses the same clear aligners to reposition your teen's teeth. 

Our teen Invisalign dentist first makes an impression of your teen's teeth to create his or her custom-made aligners. Like adults, teens are directed to wear these orthodontic appliances at all times, except while eating, or brushing or flossing their teeth. Teens are required to schedule visits with our orthodontist every two or three weeks for the next series of aligners, which will continue the correction of any bite issues and straightening of teeth. 

Invisalign Teen in Oak Ridge, NC

Teen Invisalign Dentist Seeking Candidates

For teens, straightening their teeth has never been more convenient or comfortable. Teen Invisalign braces are a viable treatment option for almost all orthodontic situations, including:

» Bite Problems
» Teeth Alignment Problems
» Teeth Spacing Issues
» Mild to Moderate Overcrowding

More severe orthodontic problems will require traditional braces. If you or your teen is interested in learning more about Invisalign Teen, call our teen Invisalign orthodontist to schedule an appointment. We offer complimentary consultations and offer flexible scheduling times to fit almost all schedules. 

Teen Invisalign Orthodontist Says There Are Many Benefits

The cost of Invisalign teen varies based on teen's unique situation and the length of time needed to wear the aligners. On average, the treatment ranges between $3,000 and $6,000. Though this is a small price to pay to give your teen a confident, picture-perfect smile, feel at ease knowing that some dental insurance providers do cover the cost. Check with your provider for additional information.

Our teen Invisalign orthodontist believes that the advantages of the treatment far outweigh the cost. The most obvious benefit being that your teenager can feel comfortable and confident, something that traditional braces do not offer. Other benefits include:

» Process Is Comfortable & Painless
» Treatment Is Effective
» Treatment Is Usually One or Two
   Years—Less Than Traditional Braces
» Treatment Provides Noticeable
   Results Faster

Contact us to find out more about Invisalign Teen and its many benefits! We proudly cater to teenagers throughout Oak Ridge, Summerfield, Browns Summit, Colfax, and Kernersville, North Carolina, and the surrounding areas.