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Orthodontic Treatments in Oak Ridge, NC

You've probably wondered if straightening your teeth is necessary. Did you know that with the teeth straightening solutions at Olmsted Orthodontics, you can prevent an array of dental problems, including issues with your bite, chewing abilities, and speaking abilities? When you're looking for the highest quality orthodontic treatments in Oak Ridge, NC, look no further than our office. 

The Facts: Why You Should Straighten Your Teeth 

Misaligned teeth may not seem like a big deal, but it is. Properly aligned teeth are easier to keep clean. It's true that both straight and misaligned teeth will collect plaque, which can result in decay. When your teeth aren't straight, more plaque is collected on the surfaces, as well as in the hard-to-reach areas. When we straighten teeth, we do more than improve your smile. Teeth straightening prevents the buildup of plaque, as well as prevents the need for more extensive dental work.

Orthodontic Treatments in Oak Ridge, NC

Specializing in Teeth Straightening

Put simply, an orthodontist specializes in the alignment of teeth. In short, these professionals use a wide array of treatments and techniques to straighten teeth. At our office, we also do more than that.

We tailor our services to every patient's unique needs. Whether you need surgical orthodontics, braces, or other teeth straightening services, feel at ease knowing that we will personalize our care to give you the award-winning smile you desire.

The Results You Seek 

It's no secret that a beautiful smile will boost your self-confidence, self-image, and self-esteem. A less-than-perfect smile, on the other hand, can affect your confidence and esteem negatively.

Backed by more than five years of experience, our well-trained orthodontic staff utilizes the most advanced teeth straightening systems to give you more than straight, properly aligned teeth. We give you a smile you will leave you feeling confident. We make you and your needs our first priority.

The Many Benefits of Orthodontic Treatments

You may think that teeth straightening is only for cosmetic purposes. In many situations, such as when bite issues occur, an orthodontic treatment may be the only way to avoid even worse dental problems in the future. Other benefits include:

» A Straight, Beautiful, & Even Smile
» Reduction of Tooth Decay or Dental Diseases
» Increase in Chewing, Biting, & Speaking Abilities

Orthodontia, also known as orthodontic treatment and dentofacial orthopedics, is the first specialized developed in the field associated with dentistry. A good orthodontic practice is usually an expert that went through particular training in a dental institution, university or college university after they have taken care to graduate in the field of dentistry. That has been set up from the efforts of pioneering orthodontists Edward Angle and Norman William Kingsley. The niche deals mainly making use of the medical diagnosis, prevention and static correction associated with malpositioned teeth.

The history of orthodontic treatments has been intimately linked with a brief history of dental care for more than 2000 years. Dentistry had its origins as a part of medicine. According to the American Association of Orthodontists, archaeologists have found out mummified ancients with metallic bands wrapped around individual teeth. Malocclusion is not a disease, but irregular alignment of teeth and the way the upper and lower tooth fit together. The prevalence of malocclusion is varies and treatment, which categorize malocclusions when it comes to severity, it can easily be said that practically 30% of the human population have some form of malocclusions and braces would help correct that.

Concerning comprehensive orthodontic therapy, metal wires are put in to orthodontic brackets (braces), made from stainless steel steel or the even more aesthetically pleasing ceramic material. The wires are attached with the mounting brackets to move tooth into the desired place. Invisalign or perhaps other invisalign systems consist of clear plastic-type trays that are fixed to the teeth.

Hawley retainers are one of the most usual type of retainers.  Orthodontia is the specialty of dentistry that is concerned with the treatment of improper bites and crooked teeth. Orthodontic treatment will help fix the patient's teeth and set all of them in the correct place. Your orthodontist usually will use braces and clear aligners to arrange the patient's tooth. Your orthodontist focuses on rebuilding the total structure. Following a course connected with an active orthodontic treatment, people will typically wear retainers (orthodontic devices), which aid to maintain the the tooth within their new position whilst surrounding bone conforms as well. The retainers will be usually generally worn full-time for a period, anywhere from simply days to a year or more, typically, nightly during sleep as well.  This aids in the teeth remin aligned without having standard retainer wear.  Adult orthodontic patients may need lifetime retention wear.

There are many orthodontists in the area, but not all are the same. When you choose our office for care, we go the extra mile to walk you through the treatment options, and help you understand the processes and techniques. As well, we assist you in finding an effective orthodontic solution that best suits your needs.

Contact us to take advantage of our personalized orthodontic treatments to improve your smile, bite, and chewing abilities. We offer our services to families throughout Oak Ridge, Summerfield, Browns Summit, Colfax, and Kernersville, North Carolina, and the surrounding areas.